The secret behind Zubby’s cctv footage of his new wife.

A Nigerian man used his hand to expose himself in a cctv footage he posted online.

A man known as Zubby his hotel name is swizz posted a video of his newly wedded wife trying to run away from his house at night.

According to him he got married to this lady, last year being December 20th. Zubby or swizz as he his friends call him claimed that his wife ran away from home because he requested for her Sim card in her phone of which she uses to chat her male friends, he also said that his wife spend much time on phone talking and when ever he comes back home his wife will not hear his car horn to open the gate for him and if he make an attempt to call she will not be able to pick up, in the video he posted which he got from his cctv footage shows how his one month old married wife left his house, through the fence.

The video has got many Nigerians talking that the story was a cooked up one while a close friend to Zubby’s wife who gave a clue of how the incident happened, Although we are yet to find the lady in question and get her own side of the story.

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