She will be totally gone and you Will be history… by Actress Genevieve Nneji.

Some guys make me wonder. They really don’t know what they want. You have got a beautiful & presentable girl who is faithful to you, she loves you, she cares about you, she respects you, she’s proud of you, she’s ready to settle down and make a family with you but you don’t see any value in her. You treat her like trash. You really don’t know how to handle her. You don’t know that you have got something that other men out there are yearning to have. You are wasting your time with other girls that aren’t serious with you.

You’re doing whatever it takes to please those other girls but you don’t know that they don’t appreciate at all. You think that they are in real love with you but the fact is they have got their guys that they truly love. Those side chicks are just wasting your time and they love you for fun. Trust me time will come and that girl you’re taking to be nothing will be waking up in someone else’s arms and that will hurt you so much. You’ll miss her. You’ll regret so much. You will start wishing to turn back the hands of time but all that will not bring her back. She’ll be totally gone and you’ll be history in her life.

Fellas style up, Stop chasing them side chicks and stick with your girl. Stop wasting your time and money on those other girls. Use that money to surprise your girl and to do developmental things. Stop playing dirty games behind your girlfriend’s back. Try to be loyal & trustworthy to her. Stop acting like a LITTLE BOY. Grow up and start acting like a REAL MEN.