Remedy for women without wombs.

Issues of childlessness from women is so  alarming especially coming from young ones is heart breaking.

Alot of women in the old do not know about this current development of research by science in medicine that a woman can give birth even after a scan shows that they don’t have a worm.
Many women has be made an object of ridicule because of not being able to have a child of their own.

Some women have died in the search for a solution or remedy for their childlessness in marriage and those who couldn’t marry regret their existence.

Men do rejected women immediately they heard that they don’t have a womb, the African tradition and religion has made it look so terrible for people in that category. A true African man will never marry a woman without a womb, they all thought that the lady did an abortion and lost her womb, that is for you to see what women pass through in Africa.

A woman loosing her womb in Africa settings is like her life has come to an end.Most ladies have committed suicide because of the stigmatization.

Men don’t know that alot a things can make a women to loss her womb, not only in an abortion, in fact  so many women did an abortion and still marry and have kids of their own, other things that can make a woman loss her womb can be infection or fibroid, and weak womb/eggs, or even sickness can lead to not having children not just abortion.

These can be reduced through guidance and counseling and also in exposing them to science in getting a better solution like egg implant or surrogacy.

My neighbor did an egg implant (artificial insemination) to have a baby, but before she married she was okay, then she and her husband planned not to have kids at the moment to enable them make more money and also achieve their goals before having children, they didn’t take preventive measures but they went about it in their own way, and her eggs become weak even after so many therapist tried their best and it didn’t work so they advised them to go for egg implant, today they have two children.

My girlfriend sold her egg last year to our other friend who was battling with childbearing and she is carrying her baby now, which some women even after a fibroid operation couldn’t have.

Surrogacy is a situation where someone carry another person’s child, surrogacy is advised in cases where the womb or eggs are bad, weak.

It is also recommended where the women losses her womb. Never be afraid and ashame of speaking up there is a solution for childlessness.  Locate any Teaching hospital or Federal medical centers  around you to get a proper diagnosis and solution.