Nigerian immigrants to Libya died of excessive alcohol consumption.

Mr sakana as his friends call him died this morning as a result of excessive alcohol found in his body.

The actual cause of the death of sakana has been unraveled. according to his friends the late 46-year-old village entertain, died of excessive alcohol consumption.

It was gathered that the masquerader was in a alcohol betting with a Libyan citizen whom he claimed to have more power in alcohol intake.

After the betting with the Libyan his friends discovered that he could not walk well so they took him home while he was entertaining his friends with so much jokes and they were all laughing with him, at some point while he was cracking jokes with his friends and them calling a winner of the competition in a funny way, they discover that he was acting weird so they rushed him to the hospital there at Libya.

The doctor confirmed Mr Sakana had much alcohol in his system the amount capable of easing a person into early stage of alcohol poisoning, as a result of drinking large amounts of alcohol in a short period of time. Sakana drinking too much too quickly has affected his breathing, heart rate, body temperature and gag reflex and potentially caused his death.

Sakana left Nigeria for a greener pasture to make his family proud but was lost to the cold hand of death early hours of the day. According to his family said that things were so hard  for them that they decided and sell some of their properties to help him travel out from Nigeria since that has being his dreams.