Another tragedy in Abia State as a result of bad road.
This accident happens on Sunday  along ikot ekpene road, Umudike Umuahia, students of Michael Opara University of Agriculture Umudike (MOUAU) in Umuahia where two students of the Federal University meet their untimely death on Sunday evening.

The accident happened as a result of bad road along the University road where a big trailer failed to hold a break but was holding it’s self by a taxi at the back where these students were and one open the door to jump down immediately the trailer crashed her head and she dead at the spot and also another girl dead on a spot inside the taxi car.

These made they students of the University angry and they started their protest today caption Federal Government we are dying come and work our road for your students before all of us will die, please don’t let all of us die before you work on the road.

When goldenobserver asked one of the angry student he said that the road has spoiled for a long time and the government is not doing anything about it their students have been dying on weekly basis and they are not happy about it and they will not stop the protest till the Federal Government hear their cry, imagine returning to school from home just for them to meet their untimely death where they are supposed to get good education and security.

He also added that on the good day going to Umuahia town from the school was supposed to be 80 Naira but because of bad road it is now 400 and that is where they get most of the students needs, even at that it will take them longer time to get to town because of traffic on the road something of 45 minutes before now is 2 hours sometimes the car will even spoil and you will stay longer on the road. Cars fail down on daily basis and people get injured.

Also a Facebook user known as benita chioma said

I lend my voice to this, like Eric Dwyse Ikwuagwu wrote, this shouldn’t happen.THIS SHOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED!!!*She lost her life to a reckless truck driver who lost control and crushed her to death instantly. She didn’t deserve to die.*A young beauty, who was pursuing a decent life to become somebody in future but that dream was cut short by an unserviceable truck which should either be at the mechanic workshop or discarded forever. Somehow, the truck was on our road; Vehicle inspection officers failed. She didn’t deserve to die.*A budding talent, whose parents are hoping to bear the torch of her family tree to another generation has been killed by a dangerous driver even as the road is terribly bad,  but decided to be speeding in a populated school environment. She didn’t have to die.*A member of the student’s community is gone, several others have gone too but the students decided to blame everyone but those dangote drivers and AKTC bus drivers through whose vehicles, students lives have been taken. She didn’t need to be added as another number. *A promising star is gone through overspeeding even as roads are bad. The expectation is that vehicles will slow their speed to navigate the rough road but dangote heavy duty trucks and other trucks because of their large tyres difies the terrain and speed like they are chased by the devil. She didn’t have to go this early. *She didn’t have to die crushed by an overspeeding truck not even by falling on her due to bad road but through lost of control on a bad road; It is unimaginable and unfathomable. Meaning, once the road is smooth many more lives will go. She didn’t deserve to die.*The students must rise to the occasion and caution the drivers on how they behave around the University environment. There should be serious warnings and caution signs against overspeeding and recklessness clearly marked all over the perimeters where students populate. The students union government must enforce and apprehend defaulters to serve as deterrent to others. *There should be sensitization and awareness campaign by the students to those plying the road that they will no longer tolerate such avoidable deaths. Where are the students, where is thy aluta spirit??*Instead of blaming Abia state government which is the easiest thing to do, why not dictate the right mindset for the drivers and then call for the road to be fixed. The  recklessness of drivers along that route is obviously the culprit and not just the road condition. Invariably, a better road portends more danger to students if these reckless truck drivers are not checked. I could remember when Umuahia to Aba section of the Enugu-Ph expressway was bad, very few accidents were recorded as against today that it has become a daily occurrence because the road has been fixed.. *Finally,  we urge the federal government whose duty it is to repair that road to immediately move to site, the federal lawmaker (Rep. Onuigbo) who said he has attracted the repair of that road should be questioned also. We implore the state agency in charge of maintenance of state roads to quickly do a palliative work on the road. Road safety officers should permanently station on that axis to enforce speed limits. * May we not have to lose another student or anyone on that road again.THIS IS ONE DEATH TOO MANY! ABIANS ARISE AND SPEAK UP AGAINST THE STATE OF IKOT EKPENE ROAD!THIS COULD BE ANYONE OR ANYONE’S RELATION! WHAT A SAD WAY TO LOOSE A BELOVED ONE! MY HEART BLEEDS FOR THE FAMILY.#ikotekpeneumuahiaroadmustbefixed#mouau #WeDeserveBetter