Man caught with human body – butchered in pieces.

A man have been caught with human body which was butchered in pieces like beef for barbecue (suya).

Today’s video filmed by the Nigerian police force shows where they arrested a certain man whom they always buy their barbecue from, he was seen with a human body.

The Nigerian police force on their daily patrol to safe guard the state for people to move about freely and also go about their daily activities without fear in their hearts, during their patrol when they saw a man pushing a wheel barrow of meat covered in a nylon, to them they know him very well as a man who does barbecue (suya)as his business but with the look on his face something seems different from when they saw him.

Then the Nigerian police approached and greeted him, asked him what he was pushing and he told them it was his beef for barbecue business, then they requested to see the meat he was pushing in his wheel borrow covered in a nylon but the beef look a little different from the usual meat, so that got their attention to check more then they discovered a human leg hidden in between the meat immediately they arrested him and took him to the station for further questioning and investigation.

According to the Nigerian police the man sells at good rate and very cheap too where he was to give one for testing he will give double as to attract you to buy more.