Never take your partner for granted, Issues of Domestic Violence and Humiliation in Marriage.

Mr Ola who work with First City Monument Bank (FCMB) dated miss Favour that was at her third year at the University of Abuja, whom he claimed to love, for two years, he only shout at her only when the have a little misunderstanding.

On favour’s twenty-fifth birthday Ola proposed to her and she accepted, they where both happy and had their traditional and church wedding few months after, but something happen the day of their church wedding, On that faithful day Mr Ola slapped her that she provoked him.

When friends and the elder sister to the bride saw that they told the lady to cancel the wedding immediately she refused and said he was angry that was why he did it am sure it is the pressure from the weeding, but I will learn not to provoke him, he doesn’t slap me before now it is only shouting that he does.

Now they are married with two boys and the beating has never stopped, Favour still in defense taught mr Ola’s anger was because she’s a house wife because he beats her anytime she ask for money for anything,
One day one of their neighbor saw her with bruises knowing what happened to her told her to join her to get a job but she declined besides Ola told her not to work, that the last time she did he was mad at her, so the woman finally convinced her to get a job where she applied at the supermarket, that the need more people, the neighbor got her CV and submitted for her.

When she got her appointment letter she made him so happy first then showed it to him they both read and the man was it’s okay but do not come back late and make sure my home and my children are fine I don’t want to come back and meet a dirty home, Favour thanked him and was happy that she’s about to fix her broken home.
She then in a called begged her mother to help her get a help that she has gotten a job, Favour’s mother knowing what could happen if she refuses because favour doesn’t want to divorce her husband and come back home sent their own house help to go while she get her a helper so she can work.

As the supermarket job continues there are some days she will come back late because the management will not always permit morning shift for one person all the time so she started working both afternoon as her timetable states, At some point when Ola could not hold it anymore, He started to lock her outside on the note he warned her but she refused and came back home late from work that her work was supposed to close thirty minutes or one hour ago and she will have to sleep outside till Morning and when their neighbors will want to help she will tell them that she’s fine, for she doesn’t want more issues.

While he never asked  her why coming back home late, the lady work as a cashier in a supermarket and most times have storage which was as a result of not having rest of mind at work that lead to that, she pays them from her salary, while few times, the company wave it for her and caution her.

To be continued