INEC Loss Voters Registration Cards On The Streets Of Lagos.

Why telling people to get their pvc when it will be trashed.

Why retrieve the right and privilege of your Citizens that you promised them. All hopes and dreams have been taken back and decision to rule remains in the hands of the Government.

On Sunday morning 7th of August 2022, the Independent National Electoral Commission loss voters registration cards to the street.

A video seen shows how the cards were trashed along the street of Lagos the Nigeria.

Let it been on record that after the long queue of people having to leave their day to day activities just to have the chance or power to decide who will lead them as a Nation also to be valued and recognized as a citizen of Nigeria, Were they can air their mind and it counts have been taken, so on the day of the election they can’t vote nor do anything as to be recognized as citizens.

The kind of politics being played in Nigeria now is so frustrating to her citizens and people are not even allowed to use their rights anymore.

According to her constitution of Electoral act, voters registration ends 90days to election, Now it is being reduced to 180days reasons best known by the INEC and to those who managed to get theirs registration done within the short time have being deprived of the right as not to vote for their favorite contestant.

In his words the voters of Abuja residents were trashed in Ibadan, lagos and the ones of Lagos also were trashed at different locations across the country, he was able to pick them but do not know how to deliver them to abuja people.

INEC states that only her citizens, who have the voters registration card can vote or decide who will lead them come 2023 as the president of the country.

What a smart move by the Government, INEC and the opposition parties who thinks that their plans have been achieved.