In life you must learn to win and loss some, it is true that we don’t meet people by accident they are meant to cross our path for a reason, sometimes forever is not a person but what we gain from them and the memories they left behind is.

To everyone out there seeking for advice this is for you, please remove ego, listen to your heart, most times it’s hard to do, that is why you seek for advice from people whom you feel can tell you the truth.

After asking on the topic you need the advice for, then will tell you what ever the fill will make you feel better but often times they don’t because they may want you or might be happy for what you are losing.

Never be afraid of making mistakes for in that ” mis” there is a ”take” learn from it and move on this life is all about risk, anything that will gladden our heart don’t come easy, do not listen to people who are afraid of failure but make sure you analyze after the last and then T. R. Y again you never know luck may smile on you, for in the heart of all motivators lies a great fear but not entertaining it, is the key.