A Nigerian in the Diaspora caught in traffic.

A young man from Nigeria, was so upset about his income and planned to live Nigeria for a greener pasture.

He called his friend who happens to be doing well for himself outside the country.

After making his intentions known to his dear friend.

According to him, he said that his friend told him, that he works with a company and they company will like to work with him too because the are still in need of staff, promised to put in words for him through their company supervisor and will get back to him.

After a while he called him and announced the approval, also gave him a number of an agent who will help him go through the visa process but he will be the one to do his visa and other things for himself which the young man agreed.

The young man sold all his belongings and gave the agent. His visa came out and he finally traveled to the country, according to him they didn’t tell him the truth about their job.

One day he got frustr@ted and now decided to expose them in a video where he was caught causing a heavy traffic along the street and was calling, begging on the cops to come and help him.

I think the cops should do him a grace by bringing him back to us alive or what do you think guys think.